About Rollfab

Rollfab (Pty)Ltd was established in 1993 and has since then evolved into a leading fabrication and steel services centre within the South African manufacturing industry.

Company Overview

Rollfab is a medium to heavy engineering fabrication company located in Anderbolt Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Specializing in fabrication of equipment for the coal, gold, platinum, diamond, steel, gas and cement industries for both the local and exports markets, Rollfab is the adaptive, agile, and reliable resource for all your fabrication needs.

At Rollfab, we are familiar with the constant evolution of projects and the need for a progressive and innovative service supplier, thus all resources are re-injected into the organization and the Rollfab team to ensure that the expansion and growth of the company as a whole is sustained and enhanced.

With a fully integrated service centre, offering CNC bending , plate rolling and section rolling, Rollfab ensures that we remain the leaders in our industry by growing from strength to strength and shaping the future of fabrication.


To set the benchmark for service quality and fabrication acceptance standards within the South African industry to the highest International standards.


To supply a reliable, agile and adaptive solution to any fabrication problem, need or opportunity.


Rollfab pride our self on the diverse, enthusiastic and professional team we employ. With a work force expanding beyond 90 full-time personnel, driven by highly experienced team leaders, and guided by subject matter experts in management, Rollfab is confident that no matter the obstacle, our team can deliver.


  • Committed to goals

    We at Rollfab ensure that the company is fully committed to the organization mission statement and the achievement of our client’s vision of their end product performance.
  • Driven to succeed

    Rollfab motivate and guide all team members of the organization , in line with our mission statement, to enhance the growth of the company as well as each member of the organization.
  • Passionate about Fabrication

    Rollfab was born out of passion for quality workmanship and fabrication. This passion is groomed and transferred to each and every product delivered by the company.


Rollfab has a fully integrated quality manual & policies in place covering all aspects of the manufacturing, procurement & quality guidelines of international standards.

  • ISO 9001:15 - QUALITY

    Quality assurance, control and inspections are carried out in accordance with guidelines set by ISO-9001:15.

  • ISO 3834:15 - WELDING

    All welding policies and procedures are in accordance with guidelines set by ISO-3834:15.


Rollfab occupies a state of the art manufacturing facilty in Anderbolt Boksburg Gauteng.

The factory is set on a 12 000 square meter site & the workshop covers 6500 square meters.

The factory is equipped with 9 overhead cranes with a 64 ton lifting capacity.

The cranes have a under hook height of 11 meters.

Our total facility is also serviced by 5 forklifts & a 20 ton mobile crane

The site also has a blast bay & a paint yard offering our clients corrosion protection to international standards.


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